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Adopted on the 4 January 2018

  1. Adoption of the Constitution
    The Organisation will be administered and managed in accordance with the provisions in this constitution.

  1. The Name
    The association’s name is Beacon Bureau(and in this document it is called the Organisation).
    The members of the organisation are:
    John Plowman
    Nicola Streeten
    Sally Plowman

  1. Equal Opportunities Policy
    The Organisation will promote equality of opportunity and good relations between people of different racial groups, between women and men, between all age groups and between disabled and non-disabled people. It will be non-discriminatory.

  1. The Objects
    The Organisation’s objects (the Objects) are:

  • To provide a framework for visual art projects led by artist John Plowman, as independent ventures or as collaborations with others.

  • To promote, maintain, improve and advance public education in the arts.

  1. Powers(How will you carry out your aims)

  • To utilise the skills, knowledge and experience of the members.

  • To actively seek out and provide opportunities for them to collaborate with others whose interests are congruent with their own.

  • To work with individuals and organisations to advise and mentor.

  • To create and/or produce performances, exhibitions, workshops, courses and other educational events using any available medium.

  • To secure sufficient funding to enable ambitious visual arts projects to take place.

  • To have a good organisational structure to manage and deliver each project.

6. Area of Benefit

Beneficiaries of the Organisation’s activities will include the artists and organisation’s who collaborate with Beacon Bureau.
Audiences who attend Beacon Bureau projects, these would include those knowledgeable about contemporary art and those who have no previous knowledge.
Writers, academics and other people working within the field of contemporary art will also benefit, both through attending projects and accessing Beacon Bureau’s website.

  1. Application of the Income and Property
    The income and property of the Organisation shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the Objects.

8. Indemnity
All premises used by the organisation in activity which involves the general public must hold valid public liability insurance of up to five million pounds.

  1. Power of Amendment (how to change the constitution)
    Any part of the constitution can be amended with a majority vote from the Members.

  1. Power of Dissolution(what will happen if your group has to close)

(1) If the Members resolve to dissolve the Organisation the Members will remain in office and be responsible for winding up the affairs of the Organisation in accordance with this clause.
(2) The Organisation must collect in all the assets of the Organisation and must
pay or make provision for all the liabilities of the Organisation.
(3) The Members must apply any remaining property or money:
(a) directly for the Objects;
(b) by transfer to any organisation for purposes the same as
or similar to the organisation.

 11.General meetings

(1) The Organisation must hold a general meeting within twelve months of the date of the adoption of this constitution.
(2) An annual general meeting must be held in each subsequent year and not more than fifteen months may elapse between successive annual general meetings.
(3) All general meetings other than annual general meetings shall be called special general meetings.

  1. Chair
    General meetings shall be chaired by the person who has been elected as Chair.

  1. Members
    The Organisation and its property shall be managed and administered by a committee comprising:

  • A chair: John Plowman

  • A secretary: Sally Plowman

  • A treasurer: Nicola Streeten

  1. Minutes

The Organisation must keep minutes of all proceedings at meetings of the Organisation; including:

  • the names of the members present at the meeting;

  • the decisions made at the meetings; and

  • where appropriate the reasons for the decisions.

15. Accounts and Finance

The Members will keep accounting records for the Organisation; and will administer the preparation of annual statements of account for the Organisation.  The financial status of the Organisation will be reviewed at each general meeting. The Organisation will have a bank account with two signatories being necessary for any payments made.

  1. Signatures

 John Plowman               4 January 2018
Sally Plowman                 4 January 2018
Nicola Streeten                4 January 2018

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